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Metric Pulls in a Highbrow Crowd

Emily Haines was raised in Cache Bay, Ontario and attended Etobicoke School of the Arts. There she met Amy Millan (future member of Stars and Broken Social Scene), and Kevin Drew (future member of Broken Social Scene). Emily came in to Studio X in downtown Toronto to play what she called “one of the most intimate performances of her life” and she did not disappoint. Playing stripped down versions of songs with bandmate James, she regaled the audience for several hours playing track after track and telling story after story. Even Canada’s Prime Minister dropped by to listen to the set.

Blending of English and American = Sam Roberts

Able to hold his own in the corners of any hockey rink, Sam Roberts deserves his place in the the Canuck Canon of all things legit Canadian (that includes The Hip, Sarah McLaughlin, The Guess Who, Rush, among others). Je ne rigole pas (which loosely translates to “I’m not joking” in Quebecois) he even has his own beerksy called “Sam Roberts Beer” which described as “An American Amber Ale brewed in collaboration with the hit Canadian Juno Award winning rock band. Blending English and American ale characteristics of caramel, biscuit and a dry, zesty finish with a touch of hop bitterness that strikes a refreshing chord”. That pretty much sums up what a Canadian is if you ask me.

Sam Roberts and his music work hard so you don’t have to. Meaningful electric guitars combined with a no apology vocal makes it impossible not buy into high speed police chase groove of each track.  A rare bird these days for sure.



Imagine Dragons are Shaken not Stirred.

The Imagine Dragons are the James Bond equivalent of the music world. On the shoot day they glided onto set with class and confidence while at the same time made you feel they were on our team. This crew is capable of massive musical explosions all the while preserving an elegance in their arrangements and lyric formations.

When it came down to the business of recording the live tracks, the flurry of activity in the control room became razor focused on what was about to happen next, even NASA would have been proud. Each track’s opening bars act like a launch countdown to prelude something special and beautiful. Now iconic in the music universe, Dan Reynolds is in a select class where we hold on each phrase as if are living the story with him.

Sit down, put your favorite liquid in elegant glass with a rugged handle and enjoy something special.

Lorde Cracks the Code for Galactic Space Travel

What strikes you most about Lorde is just how confidently chill she is for someone who just recently was able to vote and get into the cool bars. Yes a bit cliche to point this out but when you meet her and then when she ‘begins’ one ‘begins’ their own internal monologue as to what they did when they were 18 and maybe more severely, “what have I been doing with my entire life”?.

Lorde’s fresh music changed the whole scene when if first exploded onto the scene and too many musicians and writers have been racking their brings to match her power and originality. I mean, who has ever sang about the royal family and turned it into a massive hit? (OK it turns out the Beatles, Bryan Adams, and The Smiths but still you get the point).

Lorde delivered what Lorde does best – she closed her eyes and transported us all a place where no one has gone before in the universe.