Lorde Cracks the Code for Galactic Space Travel

What strikes you most about Lorde is just how confidently chill she is for someone who just recently was able to vote and get into the cool bars. Yes a bit cliche to point this out but when you meet her and then when she ‘begins’ one ‘begins’ their own internal monologue as to what they did when they were 18 and maybe more severely, “what have I been doing with my entire life”?.

Lorde’s fresh music changed the whole scene when if first exploded onto the scene and too many musicians and writers have been racking their brings to match her power and originality. I mean, who has ever sang about the royal family and turned it into a massive hit? (OK it turns out the Beatles, Bryan Adams, and The Smiths but still you get the point).

Lorde delivered what Lorde does best – she closed her eyes and transported us all a place where no one has gone before in the universe.